CSPG Spindle Technology

About CSPG

Based on 25 years of experience in spindle and bearing technology, our standard program for belt-driven spindles has been developed, combining the high-quality requirements of precision part production with the price advantage of serial production. We develop all our spindle and motor units by using special software for the design of bearings and the analysis of the thermal and dynamic behavior of our systems.

The design of our coupled and belt driven spindles is structured in a way that all the required characteristics like accuracy, stiffness, thermal stability and dynamic behavior can be realized without any remodifications or rework on the finished system. Our assembly processes are simplified and their efficiency is increased to the maximum. All components are 100% tested before assembly and controlled on modern measuring instruments or precision measuring devices. Through these measures, we make a significant contribution to increase the durability and life of CSPG spindle systems.

Spindle details:
  • Greasing to ensure durability
  • Grease lubrication Suffix R
  • Oil air lubrication Suffix A
Bearing preload: stiff
Sealing air: Can be connected to all front and rear spindles
Balancing quality: G1 (ISO1940) or better
Design coupling point:
  • Smooth shaft end for fast-rotating couplings
  • Shaft with drilling pattern for screwing couplings
  • Shaft with toothing
Hydraulic release Unit: Integrated with all spindles
Equipment: Rotor can be mounted with all types
Spindle cooling: All spindles are equipped with a ribbed case
External process cooling: Spray ring with nozzles available for all types
Features of our Spindles:
  • Maximum roundness and axial run-out accuracy without regrinding the interfaces after assembly
  • Maximum long-term stability of the circular and axial run-out values
  • High stiffness in tension and compression
  • Absorbtion of high axial forces during drilling or submerging due to the use of high-precision hybrid spindle bearings with pressure angles between 18° and 25°, suitable for the application
  • Very low heat generation of the bearing and thus minimal cooling effort
  • Spindles up to 12000 rpm can also be operated without cooling


We would like to support you with questions concerning our spindle bearings. We are looking forward to your contact.

E-Mail: info@cspg-spindles.com Phone: +49 (0) 9383 873-9000